Islam and Ego


“Indeed, He does not love the proud.” [an-Nahl (16):23] “So enter the gates of Hell to dwell therein. Indeed evil is the abode of the proud.” [An-Nahl (16):29] “Pride is dissatisfaction with the truth, and belittling the people.” [Muslim] “He will not enter Paradise who has even a speck of pride in his heart.” [Muslim] “Paradise and the Fire quarreled. Paradise... Read More

Islamic Prayer Benefits


(Qur’an 29: 45)            Prayers help adjust the ‘rhythm’ of the body.  Modern scientific research proved that Moslems’ prayer timings correspond with that of the  physiological activities of the body.  Thus, prayers are considered as the orchestrator that adjusts the ‘rhythm’ of the whole body. In his book ‘Seeking cure from prayers’, Dr. Zaheer... Read More

The Purpose of Eating in Islam


Which ingredients are forbidden? Pork, lard or any porcine substance Gelatine from animal source which is not halal Meat that is not slaughtered in the prescribed Islamic way Meat coming from a lawful animal which died before slaughter Blood (direct or indirect) Any food or drink with alcohol in it (all intoxicant and hazardous drinks) Any human substance or partWhat are the main... Read More

Dua for Healing

Al Quran

llah Subhana wa Taala has created a cure for every illness. The medicine will only work as long as it is Allah’s will. If it is not Allah’s will that a person should get better, then no medicine in the world will heal that person. Therefore never think that it is the medicine that has cured the person. It is Allah who cures the sick. If Allah wills that a patient be... Read More

Protection From Black Magic

Manzil (plural manazil) is the Arabic word for one of seven parts of roughly equal length into which the Qur’an is divided for the purpose of reciting the entire text in one week. Reciting the whole Qur’an in any shorter time than one week is discouraged in Islam. Another meaning is verses from different parts of the Qur’an which help in curing or preventing jadoo. In... Read More

Cure for Depression (Quran Message)


“IT IS HE WHO MAKES YOU LAUGH AND CRY” (QURAN) Problem: Depression Solution: If you find yourself in this situation then: See what are the responsibilities you really want to take on & those things that others can do, you do not need to over burden yourself with— prioritize, and don’t let other things bother you Do not let yourself become over stressed, and if you do... Read More

Islamic Beauty Tips


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